Infant Crib Newborn Bedside Bassinet Portable Cribs for Infants

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Infant crib newborn bedside bassinet portable cribs for infant crib with wheels and mosquito net. Enjoy the time with your baby together, and discover a unique way to bond and nurture your relationship with your baby. 

Smart swing, free your hands: The Smart Swing allows for effortless movement, freeing up your hands so you can focus on the task at hand. Its intelligent design is sure to leave you with more time and energy.

Electric Baby Crib Cradle


Key Benifits

【Adjustable Swing Amplitude and Height】The crib has three levels of height adjustment, suitable for a variety of high and low beds, five levels of swing area are adjustable, and come with sleep Comfort music, suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, outdoors, hotels and other places.

【3-Gear Timing】The cot has three gears swing time: 8min, 15min and 30 min. The baby will complete the timing before going to bed, and the shaker will automatically close when the baby is asleep. It is more intimate to use.

【Intelligent Control Cradle】Support Wireless Bluetooth, Bluetooth can be connected to a mobile phone to play, let the child listen to the lullaby, and enter a sweet dream. The control panel is simple and clear, and the operation is easy.

【Comfortable and Soft Materials】The travel cot uses soft peach skin fabric, which is skin-friendly and elastic. The fabric cover is removable and easy to clean to take care of your health. The mattress is moderately soft and hard to protect the baby's spine.

【Foldable and portable travel cot】The cot adopts a foldable design, which is easy to fold. After folding, it is compact and easy to carry and store. It can be placed in the luggage compartment and can be used after opening. It can be easily handled by mom alone.


Electric Baby Crib Cradle Features

1. Five-gear swing amplitude

Baby's exclusive sleep assistant: The arm trajectory of the bionic mother when comforting the baby, is like a boat floating up and down in the water waves, gently fluctuating left and right.

Five-gear swing amplitude


How to tune into a rocking mode?

1) Press the up gear

2) Open the sleeping basket fixing knob

3) Open the carrying cot strap

How to tune into a rocking mode?


2. Comes with Sleep Music

The rocking bed comes with soothing music to lull your baby to sleep, and you can play soft soothing music before going to bed to let your baby fall into a sweet dream.

Support wireless Bluetooth, you can connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, and play the music you want to play.

2. Comes with Sleep Music


3. Three-Gear Timing

Baby's sleep assistant: This baby bed offers a convenient sleep timer to give you peace of mind. Set the timer for when you want your baby to go to sleep, and it will automatically shut off when they do. Enjoy a restful night knowing your baby is sound asleep.

3. Three-Gear Timing


4. Two-Level of Height Adjustment

This baby bed with two adjustable height levels, making it suitable for beds of different heights. With flexible height adjustment, you can create different configurations. Enjoy hassle-free convenience without sacrificing safety.

Electric Baby Crib Cradle


Other Details Display

1.Two Ways to Control Baby Crib Cradle

(1) Control panel: The baby crib cradle comes with a control panel, which with function buttons, and the operation of the buttons is simple and clear at a glance.

(2) Remote control: The sleeping basket comes with remote control, which can be controlled remotely, remote control is more convenient.

Two Ways to Control Baby Crib Cradle


2. Detachable Bed Surround On One Side

One side of the bed rail can be easily removed to seamlessly connect to the queen bed, making it easy to feed your baby late at night.

Detachable Bed Surround On One Side


3. With Comfortable Mattress

The sleep quality of a newborn depends largely on the comfort of the mattress. A comfortable and soft mattress is more conducive to the development of the baby's spine.

With Comfortable Mattress


4. Skin-Friendly and Comfortable Fabric

The sleeping basket is made of soft peach fur, delicate, breathable, sweat-absorbent, skin-friendly, and elastic. The cloth cover can be removed and washed, easy to clean, and care for the baby's health.

Skin-Friendly and Comfortable Fabric


5. The Console Is Made of Aviation Aluminum Alloy

The console is made of aviation aluminum alloy, which has a stable structure and a carrying capacity of 80 kg(80kg load is measured, please do not imitate).

The Console Is Made of Aviation Aluminum Alloy


6. Other Details

Other Details

Electric Baby Crib Cradle Specifications

Product name

Multifunctional crib

bed size


Bed inner size


Suitable age

0-24 months

Product material

Aluminum alloy, polyester fiber


Electric Baby Crib Cradle size

Package List

1 set of Electric Baby Crib Cradle

Product Type

Electric Baby Crib Cradle


Aluminum alloy, polyester fiber

Bed inner size


Bed outside size


Gross weight of baby crib

About 12kg

Net weight of baby crib

About 11kg



Suitable age

0-24 months

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Easy to set up, easy to use! Sturdy and fits right next to my bed! Perfect for getting baby used to their bed but awesome to keep an eye on them and safe in their bed!
My bed is tall (32 inches about) this still had taller settings! Love it! Recommend!!

fay nbvnvc
A lot bigger than expected very sturdy and looks amazing

It's a lot bigger than the halo bassinets and more mainstream brands the bottom storage is perfect for extra linens, looks very good and is easy to set up and adjust, really happy with this purchase.