Baby Carriage 3 In 1 Stroller Newborn Bassinet Stroller with Footmuff

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The Baby Carriage 3-in-1 Stroller offers convenience and comfort for expecting parents. It features an adjustable handlebar and a reclining seat so you can find the perfect position for your little one. The stroller is designed for newborns up to toddlers, providing a safe and comfortable ride.


Key Benefits

【Outstanding Quality】The strollers have a durable aluminum frame that can be used for a long time in daily life and can hold up to 50 pounds for babies 0-36 months of age. In addition, the stroller is made of safe, non-toxic, and breathable linens to give the baby a comfortable environment.

【Reversible and adjustable stroller】Baby 3-in-1 reversible stroller can adjust the seat orientation so that the baby faces outwards to enjoy the scenery and the mother faces inwards to look after the baby. Stepless adjustment that mom can adjust to the most comfortable state using the compact stroller. The adjustable folding canopy makes the stroller easier to use, making it an indispensable tool for mothers.

【Safety design】All wheels of the foldable stroller adopt a damping design, which is safe and reliable, and can run smoothly on various roads. The front wheel of the newborn stroller can be rotated 360 degrees and can be adjusted arbitrarily. The one-step locking design of dual rear wheels improves the overall safety of the compact wagon. The seat is equipped with an adjustable five-point safety belt to prevent the baby from sliding off the stroller.

【Exquisite details】Double shock absorbers on both sides of the frame cleverly reduce the bump during the push. The removable large-capacity storage basket is a good helper when going out. Mom can put baby toys and various baby products without using another bag. The three-stage adjustable awning can be adjusted freely according to different weather conditions to protect the baby from ultraviolet radiation.

【Easy to fold with one hand】 This stroller can be folded in one step in a short time with a light press, and it is convenient to unfold. The folding saves time and effort than ordinary stroller folding.


Baby Strollers Gift

Baby stroller common products intimate gift bag buy 1 get 6: Original cushion, mosquito net, canopy, bottle holder, sleeping basket foot cover, wristband.

Baby Strollers Gift


Product Features

1. Three modes switch freely

This Infant Newborn Baby Bassinet Stroller has 3 modes to provide comfort and optimal support no matter the stage of your child's development. It features a reversible seat, extra storage, and an anti-shock system for secure and safe transport. With its variety of features, this stroller is perfect for both newborns and growing babies.

Three modes switch freely


2. No fear of bumps with EVA wheels

This Infant Newborn Baby Bassinet Stroller is ideal for parents looking for a high-view convertible stroller with superior protection. Its heavy-duty EVA wheels provide extra stability, making it safe for infants and toddlers alike. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of this extra-secure pushchair stroller.

2. No fear of bumps with EVA wheels


3. Easy to fold and operate

Foldable and draggable, single-person operation is convenient for travel, saves your time and strength.
1) Lift this button up
2) Press down on the body

3. Easy to fold and operate

4. 135°-180° step-less adjustment

The Dual-purpose lathe that can sit or lie down with a 135°-180° step-less adjustment, this dual-purpose lathe is designed to keep your baby comfortable and secure, whether sitting up or lying down.

4. 135°-180°stepless adjustment


5. 75cm high landscape can be used as a table:

Seat 75cm above the ground, keep away from car exhaust. It can be used as a dining chair. This height allows parents to easily interact with their baby while providing an elevated view of the environment. Plus, it's the perfect height for switching from stroller to dining chair, giving you a convenient spot any time you and your baby need a break.

5. 75cm high landscape can be used as a table:


6. Adjustable armrests are suitable for moms of different heights

Adjustable armrests are suitable for moms of different heights. The ergonomic design helps reduce strain when pushing and ensures a comfortable ride for everyone.

6. Adjustable armrests are suitable for moms of different heights


7. Comfortable large space, not crowded

The newborn stroller with a comfortable large space, not crowded The spacious design is comfortable and safe for your baby, allowing them to nap, play, or explore their environment with ease.

7. Comfortable large space, not crowded
7. Comfortable large space, not crowded


Product Details

1. One-step locking dual rear wheels: It is one-step locking dual rear wheels that provide a smooth, stable base for every ride, giving parents peace of mind.

2. Five-point safety belt: It is equipped with five-point safety belts for safe and comfortable transportation of your infant. Ensure a secure journey with this high-view stroller.

One-step locking dual rear wheels and Five-point safety belt


3. Mommy bag: The bassinet stroller also includes a mommy bag, which can be loaded with accompanying articles. it's very convenient. Enjoy the utmost comfort and convenience while pushing your infant around.

4. Large storage basket: Bottom enlarged storage basket, easy to pack items for travel/shopping. It has an extra-large storage basket that can carry all the supplies you need for your travels. Ideal for those who like to be prepared for any situation.

Mommy bag and Large storage basket


5. 360° wheel rotates freely: Save effort light and easy to operate, the 360-degree wheel rotates freely and turns flexibly. Its swivel wheels feature a sensitive suspension system, making it the perfect pushchair for busy parents who are always on the go.

6. Removable armrest design: More convenient for mothers to pick up their baby.

360° wheel rotates freely and Removable armrest design


7. SUV-level shock absorption system: Shock absorption+mechanical architecture This allows for a smooth ride even on the bumpiest terrains and peace of mind for parents.

8. Wheels with dual shock: Easy to handle various road surfaces protecting the baby’s head.

SUV-level shock absorption system and Wheels with dual shock


Product Size

Magic ZC 588 stroller size


Package List

1×newborn baby stroller

1×baby car seat

Product Type

Newborn Baby Bassinet Stroller 3 in 1 

Frame Material

Aluminum-magnesium alloy

Bassinet Material

PU leather, Oxford cloth

Wheel Type

EVA wheel

Stroller Bassinet Inner Size


Folding Size of stroller


Net weight of stroller (with bassinet)

About 10kg

Net Weight of Car Seat


Suitable Age of Car Seat

0-15 Months



Suitable age

0-3 years old

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I loved it everything about it.

Omg, I was nervous because I thought I wasn't going to have it and time. I loved everything about it.