Travel System Baby Stroller and Infant Car Seat with ISOFIX Base Combo

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Stay safe and secure with the Baby Stroller Infant Car Seat and ISOFIX Base Combo. The ISOFIX base locks the car seat into your vehicle for easy installation while the stroller folds easily for your convenience. The Khaki color adds a hint of style to the setup. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure and reliable transport for your little one.

Key Feature

One serves as three: Basket mode, sleeping basket mode, and exploration mode.

Can sit and lie down: Infinitely adjustable backrest from 100 to 180 degrees. Sitting mode, reclining mode, and flat mode.

Reversible Seat: Facing forward, the baby can learn about the natural world; Facing parents, the baby can see parents all the time, and get a more safe feeling.

Benefits of High Landscape baby stroller: The seat is 55cm from the ground, which can avoid car exhaust.

Stable structure: Structural stability of the tripod, light robust; portable

Adjustable backrest: Infinitely adjustable backrest from 100 to 180 degrees: Sitting mode, semi-lying mode reclining mode.

Ventilation and warmth: Sleeping basket with ventilation and warmth. Keep your baby warm in winter, and cool in the summer with the ventilated 3D design.

EVA wheels: No fear of bumps with EVA wheels Large diameter urban off-road wheels.

Four-wheel suspension: Protect the baby with stability; give the baby comfort and care for the baby's safety.

Robust materials: Protect your baby with reinforced tubes. Protect your baby with stable bearing capacity. Protect your baby with strong elasticity.

Adjustable canopy: Protect your baby with an adjustable tool canopy.

5-Point seat belt: Lock and unlock the seat belt with a key quickly and comfortably.

Double shock absorption system: Improves stability, it's more comfort and safety.

Removable handrail: Let your baby easily get in and out of the sleeping basket.

Adjustable handle: Adjust the handle height with the adjustable handle.

Pedal design: Practical with pedal design.

One-foot brake: Easy to brake with one foot, safe and considerate.

Extra large storage basket: Large storage capacity with extra large storage basket.

Rear storage bag: Storage bag at the back under the sleeping basket.


Product Specifications

Product name: Travel System Baby Stroller and Infant Car Seat with Base;
Material: Aviation aluminum alloy, Oxford cloth;
Stroller Bassinet Inner Size: 82×38CM;
Safety Car Seat Inner Size: 70×30CM;
Stroller Folding size: 96×40×54CM;
Net Weight of Stroller (with bassinet): About 10kg;
Net Weight of Car Seat: About 3.3kg;
Suitable Age of Car Seat: 0-15 Months;
Load-Weight of Stroller: 25kg;
Suitable age: 0-3 years old.

Package List

1 × Baby Stroller
1 × Car Seat
1 × Car Seat base


Product Type

3 in1 High-Landscape Baby Stroller


Aviation aluminum alloy, Oxford cloth

Stroller Bassinet Inner Size


Safety Car Seat Inner Size


Stroller Folding size


Net Weight of Stroller (with bassinet)

About 10kg

Net Weight of Car Seat

About 3.3kg

Suitable Age of Car Seat

0-15 Months

Load-Weight of Stroller


Suitable age

0-3 years old

Customer Reviews

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100% recommended!

I decided on this stroller after much research and it was the best decision I made. We wanted a stroller that could grow with our family, be practical, and look fancy. This stroller has it all! It folds down easily and the car seat is a lifesaver! It is very easy to maneuver and my baby seems very comfortable in it. I also love that the basket underneath is huge! Another plus- superb customer service. I love the fact that they put customers first. Wow! We also get a lot of compliments on the stroller- looks fancy. 100% recommended!