When To Buy Stroller For Baby?

When to buy a stroller for the baby? How old can it be used?

I didn't know what a stroller was before I became a parent. After becoming a parent, I realized that it is a must-have baby product for the birth of a baby. Therefore, many parents have various questions when choosing a stroller. They are usually busy with work and know little about strollers. When should use strollers? How old is the baby can use it? This is a question that many parents are concerned about.

Some parents prepare strollers for their babies before their babies are born. The reason is very simple, they buy them in advance, cool them in the sun, and use them directly after their babies are born.

Some parents buy a stroller after their baby is born. The customs are different in different places. Some grandparents will buy these, and some relatives and friends will give them away, so a lot of knowledge about baby strollers must be known after having a child. Let me take a look at today's topic:

When do baby strollers start to be used?

The stroller can be used from the moment the baby is born. Baby strollers are mainly divided into two categories, one can sit and lie down, and the other can only sit.
If it is a reclining stroller, it can be used from the birth of the baby until the baby is three years old. Because it can lie flat or sit, it can meet all the needs of babies aged 0-3.

If a stroller can sit but cannot lie down, you have to wait for the baby can sit to use it for the baby. Generally, you can start using it when the baby is 7 months old.  After 7 months, the baby will start to sit. At this time, the stroller can be adjusted to sit mode. Because at the age of 0-6 months, the baby is small and sleeps most of the time, and the backrest, spine, and brain are not fully developed, so they need to lie flat. Most strollers lie flat at 175 degrees. Of course, It is good to be able to achieve a 180° lying angle.


When Can a Newborn Baby Use a Stroller?

In the circle of mothers, I often see "When can a newborn baby use a stroller?" Newborn babies can use a stroller as soon as they are born. In the hospital, after the baby is born, it is the stroller basket that is used. It's just that its frame structure is different, and they all lie flat inside. Therefore, after the newborn is born, you can use a stroller for your baby. The baby should lie flat, preferably in a sleeping basket, because the baby is much more comfortable lying in it.

What should newborn babies pay attention to when choosing a stroller?

Try to choose a 180-degree sleeping basket stroller, because the baby is very fragile at this time, such as the spine, bones, and brain are very fragile and need care. When choosing a stroller, choose a hard backrest, and try to choose a better shock absorber for the stroller, which is directly related to the baby's comfort and healthy development. It is good if there are shock-absorbing designs on both sides of the sleeping basket. The baby lies in it and is close to the baby for protection. However, there are very few shock absorber designs for this kind of stroller. In my impression, only the 8-fold shock absorber design of the Wei Kedi stroller has it.

Before buying, ask clearly whether the stroller can sit or lie down, and a baby stroller that cannot lie down is not suitable for newborns.


When choosing a stroller, safety should be paid attention to.

The stroller is safe, and the baby is safe to use it. Don't blindly pursue the lightness and smallness of the stroller while ignoring the safety of the baby. Weight = safety (stable chassis, not easy to overturn). The chance of lifting the car around is less than that of the baby using the car, so most of the time is the benefit of using "weight". There will not be many opportunities to drag the frame for walking, but most of them are folded and put into the trunk. Is it worth giving up stability because of the few seconds of lifting time? It is worth paying a little weight for safety.


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