High Landscape Baby Stroller With Infant Car Seat And IOSFIX Base

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High landscape baby stroller 3 in 1 travel luxury pram with baby car seat and ISOFIX Base shock-resistant pushchair. Magic ZC is proud to offer durable and safe baby products. This high landscape 3 in 1 baby stroller is foldable and reversible, and the stroller with an adjustable canopy, storage basket, and cup holder.


Key Benefits

【Flexible Infant Travel System 】From car seat to stroller in seconds! The Quick-Fold Stroller paired with the Infant Car Seat and base creates a Modular Baby travel system. Features a 5-point harness, adjustable handlebar, and 3 Layer Side Impact Protection

【Versatile and Lightweight】This car seat and stroller combo features a modular frame with 6 modes. The reversible mode permits your baby to face in or out, while the stroller covers from an infant car seat frame to a stroller seat or carriage mode with ease. Adult assembly is required.

【Easy Infant Car Seat Transfer】This car seat and stroller combo has been designed with a stay-in-car base that allows for a quick and safe infant car seat connection from stroller to car and vice-versa.

【Additional Features】The Travel System stroller also includes an oversized storage basket, a car seat with a belt lock-off system for correct installation, and large cruiser tires with tread and ergonomic handles for a smooth, effortless ride. A large canopy and removable arm bar make baby transfer easier and improve comfort.

【Travel Baby Essentials 】Included in the Box - The Modular Travel System also includes an oversized storage basket, and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.



Baby Stroller Description

Six Gifts:Mummy bag, mattress, mosquito net, summer mat, Rain cover, foot cover

Six Gifts: Mummy bag, mattress, mosquito net, summer mat, Rain cover, foot cover


Only one baby stroller in four years

One baby stroller serves three strollers, which can be used from childhood to adulthood and can be used up to four years old, it can help you save lots of money.
Seat status: 7 months years 4-year-old baby can be used in exploration mode and independent carrier/baby seat.
Sleeping basket status: 0-7 months baby can be used in sleeping basket mode.
Pushchair Status: 0-15 months baby can be used in basket mode.

Only one baby stroller in four years


Multi-function and multi-purpose

One car for six uses: The inside and outside of the car can be done in one car, it meets the different needs of babies on various occasions

Multi-function and multi-purpose baby stroller


Two-way sitting and lying

Both forward and backward can be pushed
Both the sleeping basket and the seat can be reversed for full care
Forward seat mode: 7-48 month baby for fun switchable reverse sitting position
reverse sleeping basket mode: sleeping basket for 0-7 months baby lying down. Switchable forward sleeping basket.

Two-way sitting and lying

0-4 years old sitting and lying switch at will

The backrest angle can be adjusted step-lessly from 100°-180° 

0-4 years old sitting and lying switch at will


One-click folding, easy travel easy to carry

Light and portable, small foldable size, only the size of a 20-inch suitcase.

One-click folding, easy travel easy to carry

Easy to carry and store

You can take it on board the plane, put it in the car trunk, or available to take it on public transportation or high-speed rail. When not in use, you can store it in a storage corner at home.

Easy to carry and store


The Stroller is Ventilation and Warmth

Meet the weather changes, 3D ventilation design in summer, ventilation are not stuffy, closed to keep warm in winter.

The Stroller is Ventilation and Warmth


Comfortable large space sleeping basket

The length is 83cm and the width is 35cm, which ensures your baby is comfortable sleeping. At the same time not afraid of the baby turning out.

Comfortable large space sleeping basket


75cm high landscape baby stroller

The seat is 69cm above the ground, far away from car exhaust, and can be used as a dining chair.
When go out, your baby can see wider and farther.

75cm high landscape baby stroller


No fear of bumps with EVA wheels

27cm large diameter, urban off-road wheels

baby stroller wheels


Four-wheel independent suspension system

Reduce the shock caused by uneven roads, protect the baby's young brain and body, and reduce the shock of the body, which improves the stability and safety of driving.

Four -wheel independent suspension system


Excellent selection of materials

Black technology materials magnesium alloy frame, reinforced pipes, lighter and stronger than aviation aluminum, anti-corrosion. Stable load-bearing, stronger elasticity, more stable pushing every selection of materials is saturated with care for the baby.

The stroller can carry a load of 70kg, the load is measured, please do not imitate.

Excellent selection of materials


Increased Basket with One Foot and Double Brakes

The bottom of the storage basket is supported by a hard board, no matter how much it is installed, it will not be afraid of the gear-type mechanical car device, and the brakes will not slip.

one foot two brakes


Other Detials

stroller with one foot and double brakes


High Landscape Baby Stroller Specification:

Applicable age: 0-3 years old
Inner width of sleeping basket: 35.5 cm
Sleeping Basket Inner Length: 81 cm
Seat from the ground: 60 cm
Folded size: 32x60x71 cm
Cart net weight: 9 kg
The gross weight of the stroller: 10 kg

High Landscape Baby Stroller 3 in 1 Travel Luxury Pram Shock-Resistant Pushchair

Car Safety Seat Basket Specification

Applicable age: 0-15 months
The basket's inner width: 30 cm
The basket's inner arc length: 78 cm
Basket size: 60x41.5x69 cm
Net weight: about 3.1 kg
Gross weight: about 4 kg
Use function: basket, cradle, car seat. Can be used as a baby stroller with the frame

product side of baby car seat

Package List

1 × Baby Stroller
1 × Baby safety seat
6 × Gifts

Product Name

Baby Stroller with Baby Car Seat and ISOFIX Base


Aluminum alloy, double layers quilted linen

Stroller Bassinet Inner Size

32×14 inch

Safety Car Seat Inner Size

27.56×11.81 inch

Folding Size of Stroller

34.2×13.3 inch

Net Weight of Stroller (with bassinet)

About 9kg

Net Weight of Infant Car Seat

About 3.3kg

Suitable Age of Infant Car Seat

0-15 Months

Load-weight of baby stroller


Suitable age of stroller

0-3 years old

Customer Reviews

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Couldn't be happier with my purchase

Couldn't be happier with my purchase from magic zc. This stroller came with a lot of nice extra accessories that probably have a value of over $50. The quality of the stroller build is 10/10 and came in perfect condition. Overall I would purchase again if I had to get another baby stroller. Thank you!!