Infant Car Seat With Base Travel System Stroller for Newborn & Toddler

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Infant car seat with ISOFIX base travel system stroller for newborn and toddler is very convenient, the infant bassinet is adjustable, and your baby can sit and lie down. The stroller is one key foldable, when go out to travel, you can fold the stroller and put it in the trunk. This travel baby bassinet is for 0-36 months infants to toddlers. This baby stroller package comes with a car seat and base.


Key Benefits

3 in 1 Baby Stroller: Multifunctional stroller - sleeping basket, standard stroller, and seat.

Durable Stroller: This greatly improves load-bearing and shock absorption with a triangle frame. At the same time, the wheels are air tires, one-step, and not prone to flat tires.

PU Leather Pram: Thick and environmentally friendly aluminum alloy material, soft and dirt-resistant good-quality PU leather.

Adjustable Pushchair: Multi-gear adjustable sheds, easy to cope with the changing sun and effectively protect babies by adjusting the shed.

Foldable Travel System: Our high landscape stroller has versatility. When babies are almost 6 months old or can sit, they can easily switch from a bassinet to a toddler seat.


Baby Mobile SUV

Choosing a baby stroller for your baby is very important. Take the baby to see the world happily, parent-child travel, the quality of the stroller directly affects the mood of the baby and you.


Multifunctional Stroller

Meet the various needs of babies on various occasions.

One car for two purposes, with sleeping basket mode, and seat mode, can sit or lie down, freeing the mother's hands.

It can be folded with one hand and one button. It is small in size and can be carried on a plane. It does not take up space and is convenient for storage.

Multifunctional Stroller

Universal for 0-3 Years Old, Can Sit or Lie Down

When lying down it is a bed and while sitting it is a sofa.
Backrest 115°-180° adjustment.
The mode can be selected according to the baby’s use scene.

Universal for 0-3 Years Old, Can Sit or Lie Down



Good grade material, environmentally friendly, and no peculiar smell.

Good grade material, environmentally friendly, and no peculiar smell.

Two-Way Pushable Stroller

Both forward and backward can be pushed, two-way care is more reassuring.

Babies aged 0-6 months are highly dependent on adults and need real-time care. Two-way pushing can enhance the interaction between mother and baby.

Two-Way Pushable Stroller

Lightweight and Foldable Stroller

The stroller is lightweight and foldable with a small storage volume, it can be dragged when foldable.

One button to fold the stroller and the sleeping basket can be folded, saving 40% of space.

Lightweight and Foldable Stroller

Suitable for All Seasons

Warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for all seasons.
The same carrying basket can be changed with the change of seasons.

Suitable for All Seasons

Wheels are Flexible and Wear-Resistant

The wheels are strong and wear-resistant, air-free, run-flat and puncture-proof, and have good passability.
Easy to deal with various road conditions, reduce the vibration caused by uneven roads and protect the baby’s tender brain and body.

Wheels are Flexible and Wear-Resistant

Excellent Selection of Materials

Black technology materials magnesium alloy frames, reinforced pipes, lighter and stronger than aviation aluminum, and anti-corrosion.

Stable load-bearing, stronger elasticity, more stable pushing, every selection of materials is saturated with care for the baby.

Excellent Selection of Materials

Small Size, Easy to Carry

The folding size of the stroller is 96x50cm

It can be placed in the trunk for easy travel

It can be placed in the airplane suitcase

Easy to put in the trunk

Small Size, Easy to Carry

Other Product Details

Other Product Details
Other Product Details
Other Product Details


Package List

1 x Stroller
1 x Infant seat
1 x Infant seat base


Product Name

Baby Carriage 3 in 1 Stroller with Baby Car Seat and Base


Aluminum alloy, double layers quilted linen

Stroller Bassinet Inner Size

32×14 inch

Safety Car Seat Inner Size

27.56×11.81 inch

Folding Size of Stroller

34.2×13.3 inch

Net Weight of Stroller (with bassinet)

About 9kg

Net Weight of Infant Car Seat

About 3.3kg

Suitable Age of Infant Car Seat

0-15 Months

Load-weight of baby stroller


Suitable age of stroller

0-3 years old

Customer Reviews

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The car seat is very comfortable for my baby

The car seat is very comfortable for my baby. It has great padding and support.